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Refreshing coffee drink!

Basma Saleh

Refreshing coffee drink!





Our refreshing spin on a healthy energizing drink. Here's the Coffee Date Almond Milk recipe to set you up right for your day! 



3 cups cold water + 3 tablespoons organic almond butter (or 3 cups almond milk)
3 pitted majdool dates
½ cup cold brewed coffee* 
½ teaspoon vanilla essence
A pinch of Himalayan salt

In a glass jar, add 1 ½ tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee to ½ a cup of water and leave it to steep overnight. Strain the coffee using a cheesecloth then store it in the fridge to keep it ready for use.

Blend all ingredients in a highspeed blender and enjoy.

P S. It is best to use organic coffee as it is one of the most heavily sprayed crops!

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