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Our Mission and Story



Our Mission

We are often told that our genetics play a huge role in our mental or physical condition and there’s just no escaping it. That our ‘family history’ of illnesses will have a hand in our health and the road our lives will lead to. This tells us that we would eventually get sick, or it simply limits us before we begin, even if we are perfectly healthy. This belief system in itself is a form of destruction to our well-being and it’s just one of many things Ancient Traditions is here to break, because we have a lot more control than we are set out to believe.
Ancient Traditions’ purpose is centered around breaking such myths about looking after your health. We believe that challenging ourselves and what we think we know is right is the first step to reaching our potential and the best version of ourselves, which allows us to also serve others to the best of our ability. Through natural supplements, sustainable methods of sourcing and science-based guidance, Ancient Traditions is the vessel for this journey.
Ancient Traditions is not here to encourage you to live your life on autopilot. It is here to challenge your thinking and support you in the direction of taking control of your life and winning, because there’s just nothing more liberating than being in that powerful position and we want that for every human.
It is a journey you can take on at any point in your life, it is never too late, and only you can decide when. 
Our Story 

Hi! My name is Basma. I am a Board-Certified Health Coach and currently studying Functional Medicine. 


It is the phrase 'no cure' that intrigued me to start studying and reading more about IBS and all other natural remedies, after my husband was told that he would have to live with the discomfort of IBS for the rest of his life.


Having my own set of health issues together with an alarming family history of cancer, my husband and I, slowly at first, but then rather dramatically changed our entire lifestyle and decided to become self-inflicted lab rats. We tried countless supplements and techniques from shilajit and colostrum to eating dirt, detoxifying, grounding, rebounding, wearing safety goggles at night (and yes, our children would laugh at us) and a lot more. It has all paid off and our efforts have definitely not been in vain.


Along the way, the problem that faced us (and almost everyone we knew) was the unavailability of quality supplements that we could easily access. It became a very tedious job to find supplements without fillers, binders, preservatives and other nasties. Believe me when I tell you that I know what I am talking about because our garbage bin can testify to the number of bottles that were ditched. 


Then, an inspirational idea took root and Ancient Traditions came to light with the aim and determination to not only source clean and ethical health supplements to support our tribe throughout their journey but to create an all-inclusive movement. A movement that would help them reconnect with their origin (the Earth) and revert to the true essence of healthy living.